Monday, 19 February 2018

15! FIF...TEEN!!!!

15?  15 what I hear you ask. See if you can guess before you read any further.

15 little itty bitty Christmas finishes that need FFOing.  Well! Luke is away on a college residential to the Lake Distric next week so I could get the sewing machine out and leave it on the kitchen table all week!! So, watch this space!

I got my Around the World in 80 Stitches out during the week as it fitted most of the Stitch Maynia Olympic challenges.  I didn't do much - it was the last week of term which is always hectic as we have to fit EVERYTHING in that doesn't want carrying forward to next term into it.

To add to the Christmas shame...I finished another design yesterday.  In my defence, it is almost FFOed.  All it needs is some felt on the back to cover up the stitching mess that is there. Snowflake Tree by Mill Hill stitched on perforated paper.  It was my first time using the stuff and I am still undecided whether I like it or not.  It is a really cute design and will be lovely on my little ornie tree this year.  This was one of the projects on my focus list for the year which means I have now finished 3 projects off that.

Mill Hill - Snowflake Tree
In other news, Luke brought home a trip letter from college this week.  I think I prefer the good old primary school days when a trip letter meant finding a tenner to pay for it.  This one is a 'psychology' trip to New York for 5 days.  A mere £1000!!!  Sorry, I shouldn't exaggerate, I do get £15 change from my £1000.  Still they are packing in absolutely tons of activities in the short time they are there so it will be well worth it - especially since it will be the first time he has ever left the country!  I wonder if I could get him to go cross stitch shopping for me???  Hmmmm...

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Well! This is getting to be a bit of a habit!

Well what a busy stitching week I have had.  Watching flosstube and stitching is as good as it gets I think.  I love feeling like 'someone' is stitching with me (even if I am rather late to the party!)

This week has seen Positive Thinking getting a little (actually quite a lot) of TLC.  I had finished all of part one, some of part two and the words for part three. I can now confirm that ALL of part two is done as is ALL of part three. This was going to be my focus piece until either it was finished or I got bored.  However, as a Stitch Mayniac, I decided to do the Olympic Stitching Challenge which has different challenges for each day.

Positive Thinking SAL - Jardin Prive
Friday, for the Opening Ceremony was either a new start (NOOOOOOO!!!!!) or work on your most recent start.  I am pretty sure that the last thing I started was Lakeside Needlecraft's Under the Sea SAL. I actually didn't realise that it had been so long since I had started anything, other than the JCS ornies. That's impressive for me :)

Lakeside Needlecraft - Under the Sea SAL
Saturday was to stitch something with a winter theme.  Well in true Jo Perry fashion, I decided that Christmas is in winter and that I could therefore work on Oh Christmas Tree.  I am also going to work on this for the last challenge which is to work on a piece close to a finish.  I am hoping that it will actually get finished.  There is very little left to do - a bit to the bottom right where I couldn't be bothered to move the Q-Snap, the pot it is in and a bigger chunk on the lefthandside. (Justine, would you still like this one when it is finished?  There is hope!)

All Through the Night - Oh Christmas Tree
Sunday was Korean themed day.  Thankfully, the Korean flag has a lot of white - as does iStitch Advent SAL 2015. I am really happy to have got bands 8, 9, 10 and some of 11 stitched today.  I am going to go back to it in a minute and will hopefully get band 11 finished.  The photos are shocking! It stands out so much more in reality.

iStitch - Advent SAL 2015

Tomorrow is animal themed day.  I am going to work on Nature Patchwork which was gifted to me  a gazillion years ago and I used to work on when bathing the kids when they were little.  Well not so much when I was bathing them, more supervising the splashing.  Looking at it has given me a warm, fuzzy feeling...awwww.

In other news - Rachael had an interview for NCS on Monday. Well, it wasn't so much an interview as groupwork, interview, presentations and all sorts of activities.  She was complimented by 2 of the 'examiners' on her presentation skills and was offered the job the following morning.  That's the summer holidays taken care of then!!  

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Finishes, finishes everywhere

Well...that's probably a slight exaggeration.  I do, however, have 2 finishes for the JCS SAL on facebook.

First up, is Lizzie Kate's Very Merry.  This can be described as personalised - that is, I miscounted and couldn't be bothered frogging a whole flower!  It uses random threads and is stitched on the same piece of random fabric as the cute kitties from last time.

Lizzie Kate - Very Merry
Then...tonight I have finished The Little Stitcher's Warm hands, Warm heart.  This is the same piece of fabric and different random threads.  Again, it is personalised as I miscounted the side border, then discovered it was 2 stitches short. 

The Little Stitcher - Warm Hands, Warm Heart
Now, I have had a totally weird thought, bear with me.  So far, I have stitched 3 of this year's designs and I think I stitched 3 (or possibly 4) of last year's too.  I may even have a few from the previous year.  Wouldn't it be a great idea to sort out fabrics and trims for these...............and finish finish them...actually make them into ornies!!!!!  I told you it was weird!!! 

Sunday, 28 January 2018


This is the 3rd year that I have been part of the JCS SAL group on Facebook. Here is my first finish for the year which should have been November's ornie.  I just thought that it was SO cute that I would do it first.  The fabric is a random piece from my stash as are the threads.  It should have been stitched 1 over 2 but I have done 2 over 2.  I decided not to add the button or to do the nun stitch border.  Apart from that, it is exactly as charted!!

Mine and the magazine!

Third finish of the year :)

Sunday, 21 January 2018

I love cross stitch

Well, I do - but it is also the 'thing' that I finished today. This little bookmark kit was a cover freebie from CrossStitcher magazine around about a gazillion years ago.  I probably won't finish it as a bookmark but after about 10...15...ok ok...maybe is I love cross stitch, the bookmark!

The one thing that is annoying me is how there was a wider gap at the top between the design and the border to what there was under the flowerpot.  I will have to see how much it annoys me and perhaps change it so they are the same width.  The border should have been 3 wide but looked very heavy so I changed that as well.  Oh and it should all have been stitched with one thread but that clearly didn't register when I started it as it was 2 threads.  I left out the back stitch too as it was that blocky outlining that doesn't usually add much to a piece. Apart from that it is as charted/designed šŸ˜œ

Last year, I got loads of SewandSo vouchers for Christmas and birthday presents and therefore treated myself to a floor stand.  Today I have put Gardens of London on it so that I can work on that more effectively.  I thought I would bore you with a few pics of what it looks like at the moment.

Tried to capture the bling of the metallic threads but clearly failed miserably!!

I have found a couple of flosstube channels that I really enjoy (Kitten Stitcher and Stash Queen).  Please feel free to give me some recommendations or if you know I have followed your blog, let me know that you are on flosstube.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

2018 plans

Having not done a lot of stitching lasy year really, well certainly the latter half of the year, I intend to get back to it. I was going to carry on with the tapering rotation but have decided to go through my stash - honestly and with the critical eye. Whilst doing this I ended up with several boxes - the 'yes I still want to stitch this as some point in my life' box, the 'eurghhh, why did I ever buy/start that' box, the 'oooh yes, I love that' box, 'hmmmm, don't know' box and the 'why the hell is that still not finished?' box. I have listed a whole load of stuff on ebay and made a few pennies from it and re-arranged everything so I know where to find it, with the exception being a few WIP/UFOs that I can't find where I put them!

So the box I am currently working with is actually a partial amalgamation of 2 boxes.  I have the 'why is that not finished' box and a few from the 'oooh yes, I love that' box. These have become my Focus for 2018 box. I think there were 25 pieces on there, which makes it just less than a third of my entire currently started list.  I can already claim a finish from the WTHITSNF box with Strawberry Scissor Case by Lizzie Kate being finished after about 10 years!!!  Is that some kind of appalling record for a very small Lizzie Kate design?

Lizzie Kate Strawberry Scissor Case
There's been a lot of changes in the last few months - Rachael's gone off to university to study biology. She didn't get the grades for Lancaster in the end so had to go through clearing. After a scary week of visiting unis that we had never even considered before, she settled on Keele and has been loving it ever since.  She has made loads of friends and seems to be enjoying the course very much.

Luke has college now and is studying psychology, geography and sociology.  He had a bit of a blip a few weeks ago and was skiving but is back on track now and working hard.

I'm just carrying on - work, home, archery, church (not always in the same order!) That's it with me really!

I know a lot of people seem to have given up on blogging for other platforms but I haven't really found any that I like as much as blogging. So I do read facebook, but didn't get on with Instagram and others.  I have started watching a bit of flosstube and have found a few bloggers I have followed are on there. Of course I have to be able to get the TV first! It's not the same watching it on the laptop.
So anyway, hopefully I will get a bit more blogging done as well as stitching this year!

Friday, 21 April 2017

H..h...h...happy dance

Did you count the h's in the title?
Well, you should have done, because that is how many finishes I have had recently.

In no particular order, we have:

Merry Christmas to You by My Big Toe Designs from Just Cross Stitch ornie issue 2016.

And then, Prairie Schooler's Santa Waving Good Night from the same issue.

Next, Lizzie Kate's Flip-Its from 2001 - January

Finally, David Tennant which was from an Etsy seller ( I can't remember who!)

David Tennant was for Rachael's birthday - her 18th birthday!  How on earth did that happen?  How can I be the mother of an adult. Don't worry, we have already had the 'you may be an adult but it's my house, my rules' chat!  
I did underestimate the time it would take me to stitch it and ended up stitching on it until 3.30 am on her birthday.  Thankfully, Rachael slept in until 9.30 so I did get enough sleep for her big day!!! She had a wonderful time and the restaurant we went to, gave her a really good night with complementary drinks and a special dessert.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

So what's been happening in the world of Shebafudge?

Well strangely enough, lots of stitching!

I have had another finish on Poppy Dance. That's 6 full pages done.  6!! Full pages!! Of a HaED!! By me!!  Can you believe it?  There are only another 19 pages to go although I think only 9 or 10 of them are full pages, with the rest being partial pages.

Poppy Dance - Marianne Broome - HaED

I have also finished 2 of the 12 designs for the JCS Ornie SAL on facebook.  I'm in shock...the kids are in shock and I think even the cats are in shock!

The Little Stitcher - Blue Snowman
2016 JCS Ornie issue
Medina Originals - Waving Santa
2016 JCS Ornie issue
I am also doing what used to be known as the Catholic Teacher's Certificate (now CCRS).  So far, I have submitted 3 assignments and all 3 have come back as distinctions which I am really pleased about. There is one more to submit this academic year, so fingers crossed for a full house.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Rotation, rotation, rotatiom

Well....the tapered rotation is going well. I did change it very slightly and decided that my first slot will be my HaED slot. I finished the page on Poppy Dance and then started a new design called Kitty Heaven. I am doing the first page as the challenge in the Facebook group. It's much more confetti-ish than Poppy Dance but will be gorgeous in about 20 years time.

I also got these charts recently.  It was the combination of vouchers for Christmas and the Sewandso sale.  There are 3 more but I don't seem to have a photo of them.  Anyway the whole lot cost me £14 - bargain!!!

Friday, 6 January 2017

Boxes of Shame / It's a shame

Recently, after reading one of my favourite blogs - Jeremiah's Mom recently, we had a discussion on boxes of shame.  The idea being that she will 'finish' finish the 29 pieces that she had stitched but boxed up.  She challenged me to examine my box of shame...biiiiiiiig mistake! I have 38!!!! 38 stitched but nothing else done with them pieces...oh...dear. I think I might need to do something about them.

Now onto the 'it's a shame' part of my title. Well really, that's not fair to say.  Rachael has received an offer from Lancaster to study Biochemistry.  This was her first choice uni but because she didn't do so well in her AS levels in chemistry, we thought she would be unlikely to get a place there.  She applied to go there for biology, just in case, as that was a grade lower than biochem. She is pleased as punch and absolutely over the moon that she will (hopefully) be going there.  I'm pleased as it is only an hour away :)

The rotation is going well - 7 hours into round 1!!