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Friday, 18 April 2014

Husband for sale

Anyone want a new husband?

On the plus side he is VERY supportive of cross stitch and needlework and makes the right noises at the right times when being shown new charts, threads, fabric and WIP's.  Very rarely, he will ask if I ever intend to finish anything.  He has just permitted me to kit up Gardens of London with most of the silk threads.

HOWEVER,  he also decided the sofa is a good place to stand a cup of tea on and oh joy! It fell over!!! Now we have two 3 seater sofas in our lounge.  One always has been and always will be for me and my stitching - I have the left hand seat, stitching has the middle seat.  It's been like this for 11 years, it's not something new.

Mr Numpty Brains therefore decided to spill his tea over Gardens on London (I was in too much of a shock to get hysterical), the chart for it, 2 surprise pieces of stitching (they're for a surprise, not I was surprised to see them as I had forgotten them - I don't have that many starts!) and their charts too.  Cue a mad dash to the kitchen sink, water and copious amounts of Vanish stain remover, a quick prayer that the tea wouldn't stain and one VERY relieved husband that I was too busy washing fabric to yell at him.

I did tell him that people use tea to dye fabric and that my threads might run which would necessitate a new piece of fabric from him.  I think I forgot to mention that when tea dying fabric it generally is done with a cup that has had the teabag wafted in the general direction of the cup (he has it so weak, that a teabag would last a week if he economised!)

Upshot is though, he is now for sale...any reasonable offers?

PS, he is a great cook and washer up if that helps to seal the deal?

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Turtle Trot update

I have been busy studying (one more assignment to go and it's all done!!!!!!!) and have had very little stitching time.

I did stitch a little bit on Roses of Paris but as that was in my last post, I won't bore you again with the photo of it.

Apart from that, there has been no stitching on anything Turtle Trot related - sorry :(

Monday, 7 April 2014

Paris Roses update

I have managed to do a little bit of stitching and this is where I have got to with it. I signed up for Gardens of London too and have been working out where to get my silk threads from.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Blog reading

I am about a million miles behind on blog reading at the moment and as hard as I try to catch up, you will all keep posting!!  My plan is to read each day's blogs posts on bloglovin' and then go right back to the earliest posts I still have to read.  So if you get a comment on what you have posted today, shortly followed by one from 3 weeks ago, that's why!! Of course, I could just ban you all from posting - but where would the fun be in that?

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Blogoversary givesaway winner

Better late than never!

There were 40 comments on the giveaway and only a few people definitely said they didn't want to be entered.  That meant that 35 people either did want an entry or didn't tell me either way.  Therefore, if they didn't say, I entered them anyway.  I worked on the theory that if they didn't want to, they will tell me when I notify them and I can redraw it.

Do without further ado....

drumroll please....

The bowl of dooooooooooooom...

...the child of doom...(joking Rachael xx)...

...I choose...

...this one!!!!!!

(Yeah, you look a bit TOO excited there Rachie!)

Unrolling the lucky (unlucky?) piece of paper...

...there you' closer please Rachael.

...for crying out loud girl, I still can't read it.

That's better! I can see it now.  (BTW, you need to take your nail polish off properly.  It looks like your fingernails are bleeding.)

******Congratulations Rhona ******

Friday, 28 March 2014

Gorgeous gifts from Fantastical Fiction February suggestion

Heather (organiser of the world famous Theme-a-licious SAL) very kindly chose my suggestion of a fantasy theme for February and had mentioned sending some goodies.  As senile dementia has pretty much set in these days (it's too often to be called a blonde moment, that's for sure!) I promptly forgot about it.  So imagine my excitement when a big, fat package dropped on the mat, and it wasn't my credit card bill!

Now in fairness, everything was wrapped up in pretty tissue paper but I was FAR too excited to take photos of them!  It was like Christmas all over again...

Here is a look at the whole package.

The lovely, lovely Six Stranded Sweets.  I love these threads and had the whole set a few years ago.  They have dwindled over time so these are VERY welcome.

3 pieces of very pretty fabric too.  The pink is just gorgeous, well they all are but I love, love, love the pink :)  And look at that...a piece of Sugar Maple Fabric too!!  Loved that fabric!

Lovely charts too.  I will definitely be stitching the unicorn one for my unicorn mad friend - probably next year though as I am doing Winter Unicorn for her this year.  

And more lovely charts.  The birthday fairies are great.  2 of them are already on my must stitch list and I have put a closeup of those below.  I love the June one as she is but the October one I think would look fabulous in Halloween colours.  What do you think???

Thank you Heather for such a lovely package and for leaving it long enough that I'd forgotten about it and therefore had a brilliant surprise.  It was one of those days that needed something nice to happen, and it did :)

Just Nan SAL

Ok...get ready for this one...this is the sum of my Just Nan stitching this month.

Oh....there wasn't any...sorry!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Stitch from Stash - March

The grand amount spent by me this month is...drumroll please...


This month although I got some lovely new stash to fondle, it was mostly courtesy of a 123stitch gift certificate from Linda and birthday presents from family and friends with some threads from a birthday exchange group I am part of too.  However, I did totally cave in to lust and bought Gardens of London (Chatelaine) which is available on April 1st.  I can't wait although I am hoping that Colin is going to provide the fabric or I'm stuffed!!

So...out of a possible £45.00 for the first 3 months (£15 per month) I have spent £26.53 so far.

So in the again are all the lovely cards and threads that I received.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Last call for giveaway

Just a final call for the giveaway.  If you would like to enter please click on my giveaway post and leave your comment.  I have got a few nice (well I think they are anyway) bits and bobs to send the winner already but am struggling to decide what sweeties/candies to send that are typically British.  Hmm...thinking cap on methinks.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Our garden/backyard

This is not stitching related and if you want to pass over the numerous photos of our garden and go to read another stitching blog somewhere else, I totally understand :)

Starting by the back door and working round the garden, we have...

...a pot of irises.  Green mesh netting is because the cats STILL don't understand pots are not toilets!

I have no idea what this green variegated stuff is a we have had it for years.  What I do know is that the stuff is indestructible!  Nothing kills it, it's brilliant!

A few of the white crocuses.

This is our clematis that is 'supposed' to flower from June onwards...yeah right!

The only hyacinth that is out at the moment.  It's weird how it's just the one!

Pot of irises with a heuchera in the middle.

More white crocuses.

More of the green variegated stuff with a few crocuses, some irises and the greenery of the first tulips to be through.

More irises.

More crocuses.

Mini daffodils desperately poking through the foliage.

Close up of one of the irises.  So pretty.  It would make a lovely cross stitch without the background ;)

Some yellow crocuses for a change!